Sunday, November 9, 2008

Green Tea with Lemongrass

Have you tried Green Tea with Lemongrass? I have and was pleasantly surprised. It gives it a different unique flavor that is a welcome break from the everyday flavor of basic Green Tea. And for those unfamiliar, it is nothing like lemon, thankfully. I can't stand lemon in my tea - hot, cold or anyway. I know that's odd as it seems that 99% of people who drink tea like it with lemon. If it wasn't so popular, Lipton :( would probably go out of business.

Good Earth has a version in tea bags that isn't bad. In fact I use it at work because of the ease. Although, I would kind of like to see if I can find just some lemongrass somewhere so I can infuse it with my regular Green Tea. If anyone knows where I can get lemongrass, let me know. In the mean time, try the Green Tea with Lemongrass by Good Earth. It's worthwhile.

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