Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Earth Teas changed their Look

I've been a tea drinker for years and when I started getting into Green Tea , I came across Good Earth's Green Tea blend with Lemongrass. Well, as it turned out, I liked it. I know its not as 'highbrow' as some other green teas out there but like I said, I liked it.

Well the other day I was looking for it in the store and didn't see it. A little worried and concerned, I asked a grocer about it who took me back to the tea section and pointed it out to me. There it was in new packaging; rather attractive at that. My fears relieved, I proceeded to the checkout with my tea in hand, secure in the knowledge something else I enjoy has not been "discontinued".

For more on "discontinued" see my earlier blog on Lipton Tea. For more on Tea in general, please visit

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